About Us





Mini Murray & Me, established in 2018,

began as a passion project of stay at home mum, Jazmin, after giving birth to her beautiful baby boy and first child, Nixon.

The joy of Nixon inspired her creativity and she began making beautiful custom favours perfect for celebrations and events.
As her passions grew, so did her products, and even more so, her customers!

Jazmin enjoys creating stylish home décor pieces, and personalised products for all occasions.

She is a 3 time business award nominee with a have a passion for painting the ocean.

'' What i love about my work is that its so unique & personal with there never being two creations the same - Jazmin ''

Nixon is now 4 and he too likes to come up with some fun and quirky creations, so keep an eye out for that. 

As Jazmin's range grew ever bigger and as the demand became higher, she knew the next step was to take her small family business online!

And here it is...


The official Online Store of Mini Murray & Me!