About Us





Mini Murray & Me is a purveyor of custom and personalised goods for Events & Celebrations.

We enjoy celebrating, and love making your celebration that much more special through our range of custom products personally designed to match your event style & ideas (or of our own creation).

Our personalised pieces create that special touch that leave your guests in awe and your event more memorable. Our pieces range from both bold and statement making, to subtle and intricate, really capturing the style and intimacy of your event.

From humble beginnings, we design from the heart, and are passionate about creating you something special.

Contact us here and let us help in defining your Event.

Much love, Jaz xx




Mini Murray & Me, established in 2018, began as a passion project of stay at home mum, Jazmin, after giving birth to her beautiful baby boy and first child, Nixon.

The joy of Nixon inspired her creativity and she began making beautiful custom favours perfect for celebrations and events. As her passions grew, so did her products, and even more so, her customers!

Her range grew ever bigger and as the demand became higher, Jazmin knew the next step was to take her small family business online! And here it is...


The official Online Store of Mini Murray & Me!