Toddler Cup

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A class above all others, our Toddler Cups are beautifuly designed in a selection of stylish colours. Featuring a two handle grip and non spill lid, personalise yours with a stylish label to add a level of uniquity! Your little one will be the envy of all others with this perfect cup!

Our Toddler Cups are double insulated with a stainless steel inside that keeps your little one's drink cold for up to 12 hours! The outer plastic is hard so little ones can’t chew through it and is leak resistant!

Please note that the colours for our Toddler Cups are mixed by hand, not by factory machines, so the shade of the colour may vary, only either a little lighter or a little darker but that’s what makes them much more unique and special! Label font and colour is selected by us, as we work delicately to match a perfect combination for you!


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